Evaluating the Scientific Evidence
for Potential Reduced-Risk Tobacco Products

Core Committee Meeting
April 27-28, 2005
Bethesda, MD


Dr. Falk: Welcome and participant introductions
(975K PDF File)*
Dr. St. Hilaire: Overview of the LSRO Reduced Risk Review Project
(547K PDF File)*
Dr. Mauderly: Laboratory animal models for assessing the relative health hazards of complex combustion/pyrolysis emissions
(967K PDF File)*
Dr. Kleinsasser: Genotoxic effects of nicotine in human target cells of carcinogenesis
(873K PDF File)*
Dr. Lauterbach: PREPS testing and the smaller tobacco companies
(108K PDF File)*
Mr. O'Reilly: British American Tobacco's approach to harm reduction and reduced-risk products
(294K PDF File)*
Mr. Massey: Evaluating smoking behavior and human smoke exposure for reduced risk products
(1,173K PDF File)*
Mr. Mariner: The evolving scientific paradigm for evaluating reduced risk products
(108K PDF File)*
Ms. Fisher: The need for scientific engagement in harm reduction
(74K PDF File)*
Mr. Emami: Biosynthec technology to reduce tobacco harm
(81K PDF File)*
Mr. Alexandrov: Biologic tests to prove efficacy of Biosynthec technology for tobacco harm reduction
(175K PDF File)*
Mr. Emami: The future of tobacco harm reduction technologies
(587K PDF File)*
Mr. Dillard: Risk reduction and smokeless tobacco
(15K PDF File)*
Dr. Abdallah: The role of blending and processing in developing reduced-risk cigarettes with acceptable smoking qualities
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